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The Women's Justice Center was founded by two attorneys who, during their legal careers, became entrenched in the family law system of the Dade County, Florida courts. After handling divorce cases involving issues of paternity, domestic violence, adoption, child support, child custody, support and custody modification, marital distribution of assets, and international jurisdiction, it became clear that women and children are often short changed in the court system. Women involved in a divorce with its attendant problems are often overwhelmed and at a loss at where to begin. The Women's Justice Center is dedicated to providing encouragement, practical advice, resources, and information to women to aid them in protecting and promoting their legal rights and welfare. Brenda Feinberg is a trial and appellate attorney practicing law in Florida since 1988. In private practice she has represented clients in state, federal and appellate courts in criminal and civil proceedings, including domestic violence matters, and divorce and custody cases. Dawn Euringer is a trial and appellate attorney practicing law in Florida since 1988. She has represented clients from trial to appeal in civil litigation in state and federal courts since 1988, including family law cases, many involving domestic violence, parental kidnapping, and complex international issues.


The Women's Justice Center web site is for educational purposes only. The law varies from state to state and country to country. Circumstances are different for each individual case. If you have questions, you should seek the advice of an attorney in your location. Reference herein of any individual or name is merely coincidental.


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