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The Case Diary is based upon the contents of true divorce proceedings that went through the court system, the files of which are public record. However, the names and circumstances have been altered in order to protect the privacy of the litigants, despite the fact that their lives were, tragically, an open book to the world.


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Mrs. ____, "Jennifer" was 66 years old. As a dazzling former Miss California, she met a famous Swedish plastic surgeon, was married to him and lived a luxurious lifestyle in Sweden the majority of her life. After her children were adults, trouble began to brew in the marriage. Still blonde and beautiful at 55 (with the help of a husband who was a plastic surgeon!), while vacationing in Lake Lugano, Jennifer met a 30 year old handsome and charming Italian man, "Raphael". Her relationship with this young male ingenue resulted in a nasty divorce from her surgeon husband. Raphael was extremely helpful during the three year divorce proceedings in Sweden. Jennifer had left her husband and lived with Raphael while the Swedish courts decided her fate. In settlement, Jennifer received the $10 million dollar proceeds from the sale of her husband's palatial historic villa in Stockholm, a $1 million dollar second home in Lucerne, Switzerland. and 5 million in other assets.  Continued >>>


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"Joanie", Mrs. _________" was 40 years old, but, reminiscing over the past, felt as if she had lived through two lifetimes. The first, a beautiful love story, the second a tragedy of epic proportions. Twenty years ago, she was a gifted scholar attending Penn State University. Joanie possessed an appealing personality and the intelligence to match her brunette, Audrey Hepburn, good looks. On campus, her face and petite figure never failed to turn heads wherever she went. Jake, a tall, lanky young man with a handsome face and quick wit, was no exception. She was 20 and he was 21 when they met on a blind date in 1968. With the Viet Nam war raging, their involvement in sports, student government and journalism brought them together. It was very much love at first sight.  Continued >>>


PART 1 of 2.

Glorianna lay in a hospital bed, her throat covered in bandages, recovering from an incident that was no accident. Rather, her injuries were the result of a vicious, intentional attack by someone she loved! Groaning in pain, she mused over the happenings of the past 10 months, and felt fortunate to be alive. Glorianna was still incredulous about her close brush with serious bodily injury, perhaps even death. Only 25 years old, she believed she had been gasping her last breath. Her thoughts in those moments were of her love for her family and friends. Before losing consciousness, she remembered thinking "This canít be happening to me!"  Continued >>>


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