5 tips for your dates



5 tips for your dates

First date with a girl is not an easy task. Detective Monk may not be required to intervene to find out, but a helping hand shortly before you go out with her may be helpful.

Help, check. The most useful rule is that on the first special appointment, what you should avoid is more critical than what you should do. And they are not few:

1. Tame Don Juan who is hiding inside you

In case you do not want to feel the coolness of a glass of water (or alcohol) on your face, it will be good while you are with her not to look “what is playing” around. Apart from being rude, it is also pointless. If you want to flirt with the girl next door or the waitress, go out with your close friends.

See it any other way: If you manage to resist the miniature temptations, you gain an advantage over the other would-be suitors of your escort. They are sure that they would still take a look at the clumsy client with the short skirt on a similar date with her (of course she has gone out with other men before you. What we are discussing is how you will manage not to go out after you ).

2. Do not be “darling”

Humiliators such as “love”, “worship”, “sweet” are prohibited, unless you intend to make it your glue. This type of intimacy characterizes the relationship you are about to develop as friendly.
There is of course the even worse case: your interlocutor does not take these derogatory words as friendly and “freaks out” or “sticks” (I do not know what is more tragic) that you start glycologists so early. Relationship Alert!

3. Hang up the phone

Smartphones “break them”. In order not to break them literally, however, be careful not to deal with them while you are with her. It is a good idea to keep them quiet or away from the table. However, if you are a “strong character” and can not resist the temptation to check every now and then if there is any notice on your screen, it would be good to leave them in a visible place – it is a move that adds points to your score, since she takes you “clean” in her eyes.

4. The ghosts of the former partners

One of the most common mistakes in a date. We have said it before and we will say it again: no woman cares how your ex was. But none. If we hear you talking to us about your previous relationships we do it simply because through this discussion we usually understand how you behave in a relationship. Commonly, to locate your sensitive point – and that, is your minus. So stop “ditching” and whining about your exes if you want this one to last.

5. Do not become a camphor

In case you have forgotten, there is a woman in front of you, not Dude from “Big Lebowski”. Nobody told you not to make jokes. Equally, laughter is one of the best “icebreakers” because it relaxes the interlocutors and brings them closer. But we do not all have the same humor.
Plus: Your humor characterizes you, don’t forget that. So jokes with gas, cuts or big numbers are rejected.


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