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Your smartphone –θήκες κινητών – is the most valuable piece of technology you have. You spend more time in front of your cell phone screen than on your TV. You carry your smartphone everywhere, read e-mails, chat, play games. You use it from morning to night. Prioritize your needs, see what is important to you and choose the right case based on what you use on your mobile phone!

The problem is that the more you use your cell phone, the more likely it is that it will fall out of your hands, be scratched, or break the screen. This is why you need a case. The cases protect the phone from various shocks and especially those on which the focus is focused on the edges of the screen. This is how screens usually break.

That’s why a good case is the second thing you buy after your cell phone. You do not want to see your device in bad condition, you think about the possible resale, you think about the money you have spent.

There are literally millions of cell phone cases on the market for every model. Dozens of different types, from dozens of different construction materials, to dozens of different designs. You have an endless range of options, much more if you count and purely useful types like the waterproof case or the case for running.

So how do you choose the best one? The best way is based on your personality, to find the one that expresses you the most. Below we have listed the basic categories for different types of people. Whether you are looking for a case for a e.g. Samsung galaxy or for a Xiaomi Redmi, see which one suits you best.

Pouch case

Two things are spinning in your mind, style and comfort. Only these two are not always combined in a harmonious whole and this worries you. A leather pouch in a matching color with the shoes you wear and your good suit is a very attractive combination. But then you think that you will not have the convenience that a flip cover gives you. You are divided. But, if the knife goes into the neck, then you choose the style and the pouch.

Charger case

The street is your home. You leave home at dawn, go to work, check your e-mails every five minutes, use a camera, 4G and Bluetooth headset. At the same time. You are meticulous, you do not want to lose communication, you respond immediately to requests, you do not stop until late at night when you return from work. You do not leave anything to chance, at night you will charge both the mobile phone and the Juice Pack that you will buy for extra battery.

Flip Cover

You shop online because it’s easier. You drive an automatic car because it is easier. You write in Paper Dropbox because it is easier. Simple things. Flip Cover gives you what you ask for, ease of mobile access and protection. It opens easily, closes easily. You certainly are not on top of the screen all the time, but this is a personal choice.

Illuminated case

What is life without Instagram? What is life without sefies? You are a fan of social media, you take a selfie, you post it, you get your likes and you go to the next selfie. But why buy a Lumee? Because selfies are much better when there is light and few mobile phones have a flash on the front camera.

Designer case with designs

Who do the designers of this world work for? For you who dare, you take stylistic risks and you are usually right. All smartphones may be industrial design poems, but you want something more in terms of design. You want style and a branded case, even if it is more expensive. It is not a matter of fashion nor do you have a specific design that you prefer. You are a trendsetter. Well done!

Case 3d

There is a 3d design for each character, but such a case is always something fun. You are optimistic, you do not take yourself too seriously, you always try to alleviate very serious circumstances because you are oppressed. You are the first to make a joke late in the afternoon at the office, you put a lot of smileys in the chat, you do not pay a penny for fashion, style and art. Check the following options.

Canvas case

You are a restless personality. You seek the deepest meaning in what you do. Do you think that life has no value without art? In your free time you try to make art, you have probably done a bit of black and white photography, theater, painting and creative writing. The case of your mobile phone is a canvas with colors, just like your life. You do not deal much with social media and when you do you post works of celebrities, because you think that you should spread what you consider worth mentioning.

Rugged case

Material goods have little value for you, you live with this motto. In fact, they have no value at all. You do not pay attention to your things, you leave them wherever you find them, your cell phone is full of scratches the screen by chance has saved her. You have not searched much with the cases, someone told you on the next mobile phone to get a rugged case, the most durable category that plays and you wisely followed his advice. This case will protect your mobile phone from falling, water and scratches.

Glamorous case

Life needs light, shine, glamour. You are groomed to perfection every day, you wear shiny brogues even in the office, a good watch is always in your hand, you live for cocktail parties, galas and soirees. Your case is not branded, it can be a pouch or flip cover, it does not matter, but it has something in the finish that gives shine.

Simple bumper

You are responsible, you take care of your things, you know that if the mobile slips from your hands, the screen will break and you will have a problem. However, you do not want too much. After all, the durability of the mobile should have concerned the manufacturer of the mobile and not you. You gave your nice money and you are waiting for the mobile phone to fulfill its promises. You are demanding. Anyway, you make an exception and put a bumper that is as simple as possible.

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