How does inhouse SEO work with an SEO agency?


How does inhouse SEO work with an SEO agency?

Many companies decide to hire an SEO specialist who will be responsible for increasing the visibility of their brand’s website on Google. Does this mean that SEOwiec will be able to do all the work without outside help? Cooperation between Inhouse SEO and the agency is often necessary. To what extent?

Inhouse SEO and the agency

An entrepreneur who hires an SEO specialist may seem like the end of the expense related to efforts to improve the visibility of the site on Google. The business owner, instead of relying on an agency, can delegate responsibility for search engine traffic to a specialist. Unfortunately, but very rarely such an employee will be self-sufficient – a lot depends on what duties will be entrusted to him.

Building visibility in the Google search engine requires a lot of time. There are certain tasks that you should do yourself, but there are also many that you won’t be able to do on your own.

SEO is an area that requires constant testing and analysis – there are no specialists who know everything. It is worth remembering that the agency employs professionals who differ mainly in experience and level of knowledge. They can jointly draw conclusions from their tests and do not share the results publicly.

Inhouse SEO is alone in this respect. There is often no time during business hours to test changes to the algorithm. In addition, agencies most often manage a very large number of pages, so in the event of any changes to the algorithm, they can quickly determine what has been modified. An inhouse specialist often relies mainly on external analyzes and makes decisions based on them.

SEO specialists working in an agency usually have a broader and more comprehensive viewpoint, mainly because they work with many different websites. They are also up to date with the latest and upcoming trends so they will be able to respond faster to any Google updates.

SEO Specialist

Inhouse SEO may not need help with on-site optimization, but will more often expect support, e.g. with link building. Here are examples of areas of activity in which inhouse SEO can work with an agency if needed:

Sponsored Articles – Getting links is a costly and time-consuming task. A company that employs an inhouse SEO may entrust him with building a back office, but it is a job that usually takes a long time to produce results. Hardly any entrepreneur can afford it.

A link building specialist can use the resources of such portals as Whitepress or Linkhouse, but certainly should not be limited to them. He must work out the best possible results with a given budget, which means that he should look for sources where he will obtain many high-quality links at an attractive price. Often, a way to save money can be direct contact with the service providers who offer links on the mentioned portals. In this way, many of them can offer a better price. Another way is to rely on the resources of SEO companies – some offer the option of publishing links on their sites. Often these will be websites with very good SEO parameters, but costing much less than links on popular portals. Unfortunately, only selected brands may be willing to share their resources – mainly small agencies.

Forums, comments, announcements and more – this is another long-term task that requires, among others creating accounts on forums. The agency may already have some that have been around for years and tons of posts have been added from them. Meanwhile, some websites even block the possibility of new registrations, even though you can still get links on them. Therefore, they cannot be used if you do not already have an account. Another issue is the address databases on which you can get links.

Their construction also continues. Often on the web you can come across offers of ready-made databases, but rather they are proposals from freelancers, or from small agencies. If inhouse SEO uses such lists, it most often buys them from smaller or larger companies. And then he does not get links on his own, but prepares a linking strategy – determines which URLs need to be obtained for links, determines whether they should be anchored or not, or indicates what requirements he has for places where they can be placed links.

Copywriting – creating content necessary to obtain links, incl. from sponsored articles.

Some SEO inhouse also commission copywriters to prepare the content of posts and comments – only after reading them, they agree to publication. Such orders can go to companies dealing strictly with copywriting, but often it is also the SEO agency, e.g. when ordering sponsored articles at a price or for an additional fee, offers the preparation of this content. As a rule, in such a case, inhouse SEO resigns from looking for a contractor on its own, as it requires a comparison of offers and subsequent verification of the quality of work – it is more profitable for SEOwcom to use the services of an agency.

Link building tasks are not all that an inhouse SEO specialist can use as part of cooperation with an agency. In the case of large businesses, the company may hire an SEO specialist, among other things, to coordinate and verify the tasks carried out by the agency. In such situations, the task of inhouse SEO may include:

Verification of what links the agency is acquiring – it should supervise whether the linking strategy is appropriate and can bring results. With a large scale of activities, even the verification of these works may take a long time. Importantly, the agency’s reports should include a list of obtained links.

Supervising the development of content – an important element of SEO is acquiring valuable content on the website and internal linking. The specialist should check whether the proposed content is actually the best solution in a given case. It is worth analyzing whether the keywords and internal links have been properly selected. A job well done will be of great importance in increasing the visibility of the website in Google’s organic results.

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